Forex Trading Market

Thursday, December 29th 2011.

forexThe type of Forex Transaction

For you who is novice in forex trading, you have to learn more now about the activity inside it. The process of learning will be done simply by doing, but you have to know the theory or basic knowledge too. Well, the forex transaction is done through two activities, buy and sell or sell and then liquidate it. Do you want to know more about it?

The first activity is called as open buy. The people commonly said it as ‘long’. It is a position where the trader buys a currency in the certain price and the purpose of buying it is to sell it when the currency is higher. So the investor is able to get a profit from the sales. Long or open buy expect the pair is increasing. If it is increasing, the profit will be got. The price which is used in open buy called as ‘ask’ while the price which is used when liquid called as ‘bid’.

The second is open sell. It is commonly called as ‘short’. It is a position where the trader sells currency in the certain price and its purpose is to buy the currency in the future when the price is lower. The position of short is simply changed into sell.

Trader and Entry Point Types

Forex learning will never end for the beginner. Here we are going to share a lot about the trader types and the entry point types. Well, there are several types of trader if it is seen from the entry point. The first is bottom buyer top seller. This strategy can be matched for the market condition which is flatly run. The indicator which is needed is oscillator which is able to detect the tending market.

The second is called as break outer. Breakout is commonly happened after the sideways movement. Breakout showed the high enthusiasm from the seller or buyer. Before the breakout happen, commonly the signal phase of the flat market. Then, the third is trend follower. This strategy is very useful for long term period. The trader will be following the trend.

The forth is correcter. This strategy is the last strategy of the trader in which suitable when the trend is strong. All of the strategy has weakness and goodness. So, if you are willing to learn it, just apply the role. Each strategy has its role to play. To get your success, just try to analyze which one that suit to your condition to avoid loses. Have a try!

Forex Trading Market

There are many types of business that people do every day. Currency is one of business type that people deal. People can sell and buy the currencies from all around the world to earn some profit from it. This is the business type that come up and promising big profit for people who understand the trick and how to play the right strategy on it.

Basically, forex or foreign exchange market is a global market that was decentralized market in financial world where people from all round the place come to make trading on currencies. This market is open for 24 hour a day and off on the weekends. The foreign exchange process actually gives big impact on the value of each currency from all over the world.

How exactly this foreign exchange market work? The basic process was simple where somebody or some parties by certain amount of currency and ay it using the same quality of another currency. They can resell the currency that they have when they noticed that the price was going up from the original price where they bought it before. The different price from buying and selling again was the source of the profit that these people going to get.

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