Forex Parties

Friday, December 30th 2011.

ForexUnderstanding Forex

Understanding forex is the first thing that people must learn before they jump to this business. This business offer big profit for people who truly understand how to play with. Inside forex or foreign exchange world there are several terms that usually come up. Understanding what the terms mean can help people to learn more about forex.

The first thing that people can notice is the words broker. Forex broker is the person or the parties that connect between the seller and the buyer. Using broker service will help people a lot because the online broker can make the whole trading process easier. Each broker has the application and facility that people can use to make the order easier.

What time actually these forex markets operate? The forex market trading was open for 24 hours a day, 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. There are four market where people can trade, and they are New Zealand and Australia market that open form 5 am to 2 pm, Asia market (Japan, Hongkong and Singapore) open from 7 am to 4 pm, Europe market (Germany and England) that open from 1 pm to 10 pm and the last one is America market that open from 8.30 pm to 10.30 am. This will give flexible time for people on doing their trading.

Forex Parties

There are many parties that involved in the forex market. There are some parties that need to involve in this market such as customer, bank and financial institution, broker, government, business people and some speculate. The customers that involve such as the multinational corporate that need the currency for their business in other country.

Next parties that were very active in the forex market are bank, financial institution and government. The main thing that a bank or financial institution do in this market is becoming a dealer that buy the currency with the real bids and then sell it back to their bank customer with higher price. This is where they gain their profit and people can find that there are some differences between the selling currencies prices form one bank with another.

Broker is the connection link between the seller and the buyer. They get the profit not from the market but form the commission they got for being able to make the deal going smooth. After the broker, the forex market also deals with the business people. These people are people who involved in international transaction that need to buy their product from the international client and buying some product form international supplier.

The Important Point in Forex

In order to become a great trader, people need to have the knowledge that keeps update to make them able to build up their own successful secret. There are several points that people can use when they want to have some reference on improving their forex knowledge. The first area that people need to master is about the technical analysis. This is the area where people need to learn about the graphic, time indicator and also the frame.

The next area that people need to learn is about the fundamental analysis. This is the area of understanding the market movement and able to predict the impact on the forex pir movement. There is also what they called trading psychology. This is basically more about understanding the physical and emotional condition of the trader that can determine the future of their trading prospect.

The last part of it is the most important part that people need to handle. The money management must be wisely planned where they must have precise plan about the risk, putting the money in the right place, and other aspect about it. Unable to have good money management plan can bring more trouble. Forex trading is a business with high risk, so people must make sure that they take the right step.
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